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    Printing PDF of browsed records



      Printing PDF of browsed records


      FileMaker Server



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      Windows 7

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      I am a new customer to FMSA11 from FMP11.  My database runs my trade shops and emails and prints out pdf's of routine sorts of work requests as well as weekly and monthly status updates using windows scheduler to trigger individual file/scripts.  Much to my dismay - all of this functionality is missing from the $2000 FMSA package. Can't save pdf files. Can't print. Can't schedule monthly scripts.  Really?!?!  Any workarounds? PS: I bought FMSA to incorporate seedcode scheduling capabilities which works great.  Mike

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          Michael Viola:

          Thank you for your post.

          FileMaker Server hosts the file for other FileMaker Pro users to access.  As a FileMaker Pro user/guest, you can definitely send emails and print to PDF files.

          FileMaker Server cannot print to PDF files or print in general, but it can send emails via SMTP server.

          "Months" is not an option for running a schedule.  Instead, run a script daily, where the first few lines of the script checks to see if it is the first of the month.  If so, run the script.  If not, the rest of the script is bypassed.

          One workaround is to have a separate FileMaker Pro user machine accessing the host computer to do the printing and saving of PDF files.

          I suggest you enter this enhancement into our Feature Requests web form at:


          All of these product suggestions are put into a database file hosted by our Development and Product Management departments where they are then discussed and considered for future release.  I could copy your post and paste it into the web form, but there are a couple of personal questions asked that only you can answer.

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