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    Printing Problem



      Printing Problem


      FileMaker Pro



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      Windows XP

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      I just converted my database from Filemaker 11 to Filemaker 12.  Some of my layouts are form letters dropped over a blank piece of stationery.  They always printed fine under Filemaker 11 but under Filemaker 12 the entire sheet of stationery always prints black on black even when moved to page 2 by itself.  It's only the stationery background that is the problem.  Once that is removed the layout prints fine.  Also prints fine on friends MAC.  Have tried removing and reloading stationery background with same result.  Something in Filemaker 12 or Windows XP or combination of both is apparently causing the problem.  Any ideas?

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          What sort of object is your "stationary background"?

          How was it added to the layout?

          Does any part of this layout object (field or graphic object) touch or cross the boundary between header and body?

          If you make a new file on the windows machine and add your "stationary background" to a layout in it. Can you print it correctly?

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            "stationary background" is in jpeg format and pasted in layout and sent to background.

            Layout has no header or footer and and no part extends beyond body lines.

            I made a new layout with just the stationary pasted in and it also prints black on black.

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              Do you get the same problem if you try different graphic files?

              I'm uploading my test showing a screen capture of a layout in preview. It worked once I remembered to clear the "Delineate" option in layout set up.

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                I do not have the same problem with other graphic files.

                My delineate option is clear.

                My preview shows up fine also on the screen, it just doesn't print the preview that way.  I still get black on black. 

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                  This suggests that FileMaker has some isssue specific to that jpeg file. That's not much help, but if you can recreate the jpeg or find an older back up copy of it and it works...

                  Many years ago one of my solutions would crash outright on a windows machine every time I scrolled a particular graphic into view. It displayed fine on Macs. I was puzzled until I noticed that the bottom row of pixels in the image--when viewed on the mac, was scrambled. I re-did the image (a simple screen capture) and all was good.

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                    You were correct!  Filemaker has some issue specific to the jpeg file.  When I loaded the graphic under GIF everything worked fine.  Since a friend using a Mac had no problem with the jpeg format, the problem may be the result of using Filemaker 12 in a Windows XP Home edition format.  Never-the-less, problem solved.  Thank you!