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Printing problems in Windows

Question asked by Chalayo on Jan 14, 2009
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Printing problems in Windows

Description of the issue

I have been a Filemaker developer since 4.1. One of my biggest clients recently upgraded to FM9, from FM7. They do a lot of label printing for inventory purposes. Since the upgrade, FM9 will not remember any print settings. All of my print scripts use PrintSetup before Print. Any specifications (such as page size, the most important to this application) you enter into the print setup script step will not be remembered when the script executes. Instead, it puts a seemingly random page size in that has never been used (such as 2" by 1.75" ), and doesn't print correctly. I have tried setting default print settings in the printer options from windows, specifying a default printer/page size with print setup from the file menu, recreating print scripts with new print setup and print steps, and nothing has worked. Also, after you save a script with the correct page sizes and then execute it, when you go back to look at the script, the options you specified are changed to the random ones that didn't work. If you browse to the label layout manually and choose file>print, then input the correct page size, it will print correctly, but that is not an option for this client as these functions have been working for years with FM7. The environment is Windows XP Pro. This is a shared database hosted with FM Server, approximately 7 clients using FM9. Below is the syntax of one of the scripts that isn't working: -Go to Related Record [Show only related records; From table; "Current Box"; Using layout: "Inventory Label" (Products)] Print Setup [Restore; No Dialog]  (a Zebra Label printer with page size 4" by 2" is specified) Print [] Go to Layout [Original Layout]- This has gotten incredibly frustrating, and certainly does not seem like normal behavior. I have found printing in FM has always been a little glitchy when using multiple clients with different printers, but I expected it to get better with the new version, not worse. Any  help you can give me with this problem would be greatly appreciated.