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Printing Range or Print All problem!

Question asked by anoobs on Dec 17, 2012
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Printing Range or Print All problem!


FileMaker Pro


Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced

Operating system version

Mac Mini -oftware  OS X 10.8 (12A269)

Description of the issue


I created one database with filemaker pro 11 in windows 7. It was working well but when i moved this file to mac  OS X 10.8, am stuck with  the printing side. The problem is i cannot print all records or records using range (like 1-50 pages) even though i used records being browsed. If i did then it will print only one record. But in Windows its working fine and the funny side is if i create a new file in Mac and do the same.. it works!!.. so how can solve the problem of my old database.???
Thank you very much in advance....