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printing scaled in yosemite (?)

Question asked by goldensunflakes on Nov 14, 2014
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printing scaled in yosemite (?)


FileMaker Pro


12 and 13

Operating system version

Mac OS X 10.10

Description of the issue

I have a database that prints output on a layout sized 3 inches by 5 inches.  Two of these will fit on a normal sheet of paper, or I can cut the paper to 5.5x8 inches and print two per half sheet, which is what I normally do.

I tried printing from a newer laptop today (MacBook Pro, purchased in September) that is running Yosemite for the first time.  The items printed, but they are about 1/4 inch off in size. More like 2.75 inches x 4.75 (or a little less in the long direction).  I checked the scaling, and it is set to 100 percent.  I sent the job to another printer (both are HP4014n), and got the same result.  This was in FMP advanced vs 13. So I closed the database, opened it up in FMP Advanced vs 12, and got the same result.  So I put the database on a thumb drive, opened it on a different computer that is still using OS X 10.9 instead of 10.10, and the file printed at its expected size (3x5) instead of smaller.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Nothing needed to reproduce problem; it seems to just print shrunken from my computer that is running OS X 10.10.


printing from OS X 10.9 worked as expected.