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    Prints layout but no data



      Prints layout but no data


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      windows 7 Home Pre 64 bit

      Description of the issue

      there is no data in my fields but I do get photos that were inserted.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Default screen is tabed and table information is referenced through the tabs this would only print face page with no data. created a print layout with all information added 5 pages in all created a script to print current record

      Expected result

      information should be sent to a printer with all the data in their fields

      Actual result

      Only the empty fields and the photo is printed it is missing all other data
      tried going to file print same result
      tried scripting
      tried sorting
      tried with only one record in database
      all have the same result

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          Markus Schneider

          could be a font problem - what happens, when You assign another font?

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            I am having the same problem. I changed fonts 3 times. Helvetica, Arial, Times. All with the same result.

            This is a database that worked fine in Filemaker 12. Now I have 13 Pro Advanced and nothing will print.

            Same result when I make a pdf.

            Tried it manually and with a script. Same result.



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              Marorie Campolongo:

              Thank you for your post.

              If you go to Preview, does anything display?  If so, this is the same information that is sent to the printer driver.

              Assuming Preview is also blank, temporarily create a new layout and place one field on the layout.  Go to Preview.  Does this information show?  If so, then I can focus on the original layout.  If not, then launch FileMaker Pro under a different user account and see if this also has the same issue.

              Please keep me updated with any progress.

              FileMaker, Inc.