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    privilege restrictions mess up imports



      privilege restrictions mess up imports

      Description of the issue

      my solution has some scripted imports, filemaker-to-filemaker. They work fine when logged in as a full-access account. But for everyday users whose priv sets have restrictions on some fields, the import gets completely messed up. I have tried setting up the scripted import using "Custom" and "Matching Names" and either way the import gets messed up because from what i can tell FMP acts like the restricted fields are not even there when it runs the imports under a non-full-access account. NOTE: restricted fields are NOT included in the import order. For example, make a test file with two tables, t1 and t2. Each table has four text fields f1 through f4. Make a user account that has no access to f2 in t2.Now set up an import script that stores this import order: t2      t1 f1 > f1f2 x  f2f3 > f3f4 > f4 leave the import order dialog exposed then open the file as the restricted user and run the script. In the import dialog you will see: f1 > f1f3 x f2f4 > f3       f4 How can I script this import so it will work?! It seems this bug has been around a long time and i'm tired of having to export/import, why can't FMP import from its own tables w/o screwing up? thanks, gaBby