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    Privilege Set table cannot read any table occurrences



      Privilege Set table cannot read any table occurrences


      FileMaker Pro


      13 advanced

      Operating system version

      Windows 7 Professional

      Description of the issue

      Privilege Set "manager" for record-level control in Edit... and Delete... ONLY has "" listed under "Evaluate from context..." drop-down menu.

      The table occurrence drop-down menu to select fields shows all table occurrences as unrelated.

      The calculation should be (Record_isLocked ≠ 1) to allow edit and delete but without the context, the calculation is ( ≠ 1). This prevents users from editing.

      Only this privilege set cannot see this table. Other privilege sets see it. This privilege set can see other tables.

      Expected result

      Edit when Record_isLocked ≠ 1

      Actual result

      No edit by users of privilege set.

      Configuration information

      FileMaker Server 13


      I was able to manually type the table occurrence (TABLE::Record_isLocked) and this resolves normally.

      Do I have to delete the privilege set and make a new one?