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Problem deleting tables

Question asked by teryl123 on Sep 15, 2014
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Problem deleting tables


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS X 10.9.3 Mavericks

Description of the issue

I am migrating from Microsoft Access (Office 365) to Filemaker Pro.  i have worked through the beginning training series and am now working through the advanced series.  I am an experienced IT professional with extensive experience in many databases, including IMS, DB2, Sql Server, and Access.

I exported the data from my Access databases to Excel Spreadsheets.  The large tables import correctly,  Sometimes the smaller tables (tables with one field) don't import correctly.  When I try to delete the small tables (and yes I do check the remove from graph box when I delete the table) so that i can manually create the table and enter the data, the table does get deleted. But when I look at Manage Layouts and select new Layout, the table names of the tables I have just deleted show up as tables I can select as sources for the layouts.  How can I delete these old table names from the list of tables available for new layouts?

Thank you.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Import an Excel spreadsheet into an existing Filemaker database.  The import does not succeed (even though the table has only one text field).  Go to Manage Database, delete the table, and be sure to check the box that says something like - delete from graph.  Then go to Manage Layout, select New, look at the list of tables, and the name of the table you just deleted is still there.

Expected result

Tables that have been deleted from the database should not show up in the list of tables available for new layouts.

Actual result

The name of the table that I just deleted shows up in the list of tables available for new layouts.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message appears


Restore the original database from a backup and wait for a solution to this problem.