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Problem editing repetition field from the web using IWP

Question asked by The_Steve on Dec 17, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2011 by TSGal


Problem editing repetition field from the web using IWP


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Description of the issue

My layout has repetition fields like myfield[1], myfield[2], myfield[3] etc.    If I click on any of the fields to edit, only myfield[1] can be edited.   Clicking on the others only causes a page reload.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Make a layout with separate repetition fields and use IWP.

Expected result

If I click any field, whether or not it's a repetition field, I should be able to edit the field's value.

Actual result

Page reloads, but repetition field can not be edited.


If the repetition field is consolidated as myfield[1-4] then each of the values can be clicked and edited, but this does not give me the freedom to place each of the repetition fields anywhere on the layout.