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problem in filtration

Question asked by aboblal80 on Aug 14, 2012
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problem in filtration


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

windows 7

Description of the issue

I am bulilding a system which i can filter Model number base on the Brand and Function of the model

i have managed to do the filtration of the Function based on Brand but model is not working for me

Keep in mind that all of them are a Valuelist which connected to another table

it is like Brand table
has only :
Brand Id
Brand Name
Function table
has only :
Function Id
Function name
Brand Id as FK
and there is a join tabel which is the model tabel
has only:
Model Id
Model Name
Brand Id
Function Id

They are connected via a relationship
and i have done the calculation in a new field and written in it the following :
IsEmpty(Brand Name) ;
ValueListItems(Get(FileName); "Function");
Brand Name
i have done the same for model but didn't work

the example apove is of a 3 level filtration

and i would like having a major group then a group then a supgroup then an item which means 4 level filtration

i will be really gratful to you if you can help me with this issue