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    problem making Avery 5160 labels



      problem making Avery 5160 labels


      FileMaker Pro



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      Mac OSX

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      Why is there a problem with the template for Avery 5160 labels?

      Each column of labels seems to creep across, and every workaround tends to create other problems. Internet searches don't seem to answer the question except for unearthing more annoyed users with incomplete kludges of their own.

      Please fix this.

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          If the labels creep vertically, typically the fix is to reduce or increase the height of the body part by one or two pixels. You can use the Object Info palette to set a layout part's height:

          1. Enter layout mode
          2. Bring up Object Info
          3. Click the units until they read pixels instead of inches or centimeters.
          4. Click the part lable
          5. Change the number in the Height box in the Info Palette and press the tab key to apply the change.
          6. Check to see if that fixed the problem.