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    Problem opening Kiosk mode in Windows



      Problem opening Kiosk mode in Windows


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS 10.6.5

      Description of the issue

      We built a run time kiosk solution on the Mac, loaded it on a thumb drive, opened it on another Mac and it was functional as intended.  We created an alias of the start icon and called it "Double Click Me to Start".  As noted, this worked fine on the Mac.  When plugging thumb drive into a PC running Windows 7 however, the Double Click Me to Start was a folder and there was no way to open the program.

      Your advice please?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Do as above

      Expected result

      Would love to be able to launch on either platform.

      Actual result


      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


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          Did you create a runtime system for Windows or just copy your Mac solution over to the Windows machine?

          You have to bind a set of your files on a windows machine so that FileMaker Advanced can generate the necessary copy of the .exe application file before the files can open and run on Windows.

          You can merge your two copies of your solution into a single folder with one set of database files but both Mac and Windows runtime applications to get a "cross platform" system. I think you'll need two short cuts (Aliases), one for Mac and one for Windows also.

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            Thanks Phil.  Will try that and repost if I run into more issues.  Your response time showed 8:47 am.  Where are you?

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              We followed Phill's advice and FM made all the appropriate Windows execute files and folders.  Now the problem is that when we copy the kiosk program onto a thumb drive, Windows can't find the original program.  It's there, but it seems Windows will only look for it in the original location, in other words, on the original machine, not on the thumb drive.  How do we tell Windows the address is relative; to look for it wherever the named folder is even if it's been moved?

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                I ran into the same problem trying to put a short cut on a CD where we were distributing a run time demo system.

                Only solution I found was to create the short cut directly on the drive after moving the files. Maybe there's a utility that could provide a fix for this...

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                  Is there no way or no program that copies the Windows .exe files bit for bit onto the thumb drive?  How do Windows software developers do this?  Why can't we?  I can't develop the kiosk program on each and every thumb drive.  We will be copying the program onto thousands of them.  We need duplication software that will do this.  Anybody out there have a solution?

                  How about a little FileMaker engineer help here?

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                    I think you may need to use an installer for this and "install" the program the first time it is used from the thumb drive.

                    The catch here, I think, is the fact that your thumb drive may not get the same drive letter in every case and this then breaks the short cut's FilePath to the .exe file. If it could be set up similar to FileMaker's relative paths, we wouldn't have this issue.

                    What happens if you move an actual FileMaker data file bound to this soultion outside of the folder to use it in place of the Shortcut?