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Problem printing with PCL6 drivers

Question asked by miki on Feb 26, 2010
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Problem printing with PCL6 drivers

Description of the issue

Sorry for my bad english... ScenarioFm Server 8Fm client Pro 8 & 8.5Old printer: HP Laserjet PCL5New printer: Ricoh mpc2050 PCL6All the print scripts set the "Print Setup [restore]" (for example horizontal/vertical preference) before the preview and the "Print [restore]" before printing.With the old printer the preview and the prints were perfect.After the installation of the new (pcl6) one the preview are still ok but all the prints are vertical!I need to open the print preference, set horizontal, and then print: in this way it works.If I open the script and set again the Print Setup with the new printer, the print is again ok.But the problem is that in the application there are about 200 print script or more... so it will be a big job open and set again all the print script!Can you suggest me a different solution?Thank YouM