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Problem with icon representing object in container

Question asked by bladerunner on Nov 7, 2008
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Problem with icon representing object in container

Description of the issue

Inside a container:                Right click and select Insert Object,                                Create from File                                Browse to file you want to insert and select it                                Check Display as Icon                                Once the Display as Icon option has been selected, a Change Icon option appears. If you select this button, you will see the default Icon for the file type. You may also select from other variations of the file type icon.At this point, if you select OK, I would expect that you get the icon depicted inserted into your container. You don’t. Instead, you get a text message only in the container (no Icon). In this case the message would be “Worksheet”. It is a valid link to the file though, so if double-clicked it would open the file for viewing/editing. I just wonder why it doesn’t display the icon as requested