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    Problem with radio buttons



      Problem with radio buttons

      Description of the issue

      When using a custom value list with radio buttons, and the field is set as uppercase, the values are truncated.  This problem does not happen with lowercase or monospaced fonts.   Example: I have a simple custom value list with 2 items:Process NowSchedule for FutureWhen I select Radio Button to display the list, it truncates the values. I tried different fonts and font sizes and even reversed the order. I tried a horizontal and vertical display and made sure the field is large enough to fit the full value.If I add several spaces to the end of each value, it will display the values. If I add 1 space to the end of each, then it displays the following:  PROCESSSCHEDULE Appears to only be a problem if the field is displayed in uppercase. See link from fmforums: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/210993/post/340022/fromactivity/myposts/#340022

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          Thank you for your post, and thank you for the related link.  The problem is easily reproducible.


          I have forwarded the information (including the link to FMForums.com) to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments for review and confirmation.  If more information becomes available, I will let you know.



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