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Problem with Show Window

Question asked by csouth3 on Aug 22, 2010
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Problem with Show Window


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS X 10.5.8

Description of the issue

When I open my application I have two hidden windows corresponding to two subordinate database files.  If I choose either of these windows from the Show Window item under the Window menu after just opening my application, I will get the wrong window, based on the window names involved.  Once I have encountered this once, subsequent selections from the Window menu will get the correct window from then on regardless of whether one or both windows are hidden.  The problem as described is repeatable.

Steps to reproduce the problem

My application involves 3 files -- launching file #1 uses a Startup script to launch files #2 and #3, both of which have their own Startup script whose last step is a Hide Window script step.  So once everything is opened, there is just the #1 Home layout showing, and 2 hidden windows for the two other solution files.  Right after the #1 file's Startup script exits, the first attempt to pull down the Window to choose Show Window to select either of my two hidden windows will activate the wrong hidden window.  After this occurs once, everything works normally after that.

Expected result

Selecting a window from the Show Window menu item should (of course) select the chosen window.

Actual result

The wrong window comes up on the first attempt to make this work.  It works successfully after that first wrong result.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message occurs.


The problem does not show up if you write a script in each subordinate file to Select the current window (from that file), avoiding the Show Window command under the Window menu.  This will unhide the window without an error, if triggered by a script call from the #1 file to the Show Window script in either file #2 or #3.  I tried several other ways of hiding and/or revealing windows but all others failed in the manner described above.