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    Problema con la codificación de carácteres



      Problema con la codificación de carácteres


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      Cuando he abierto el programa me aparecen símbolos (es decir la codificación de carácteres no está bien), pero como se ve en la foto no me pasa con todo lo escrito.

      Configuration information

      Es un archivo que se empezó en Mac y desde hace algunos años se ha seguido actualizando desde un Windows


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          Anna PAQUA:

          Gracias por tu publicación.
          (Thank you for your post.)

          Yo no hablo bien español.
          (I do not speak Spanish well).

          ¿Qué fuente está usando?
          (What font are you using?)

          Si abre el archivo en otro equipo de Windows, funciona?
          (If you open the file on another Windows computer, does it work?)

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thanks, for your help and for the effort to speak in spanish. My english is worst :)

            In this document I am using diferent fonts (times, courier,...) The problem doesn't appear always, but now is more usual than in the past. My partner who has windows 7 does't have report this problem. When happens, If I close the program and start again the problem is still there but If I turn off the computer and start the program again the problem not always appears.

            I think that it's a problem with windows 8 but I am not sure.

            Thanks and have a nice day!


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              Anna APQUA:

              Relaunching FileMaker Pro will reset the memory options for the application, but it will not reset the system preferences.  Since you have to reboot the machine, this will reset all system memory and preferences, and this action appears to fix the issue, so this issue appears to be Windows 8 related.

              Assuming this isn't a Windows 8 issue, do you notice if this issue appears when using one specific layout?  If so, it could be a damaged layout, so I would consider creating a new layout and rebuild the layout from scratch.

              FileMaker, Inc.