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Problems Importing Text

Question asked by ryanelsemore_1 on Jan 15, 2009
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Problems Importing Text

Description of the issue

I have a file with a handful of text fields in about 700 records, currently hosted on a FM 9 server.  I can browse these records fine with 9 or 10, but when I try to export the text and import it into a new FM 10 file, it crashes, or crashes when I browse the new records in FM 10.  I can browse the same file fine in FM 9. No matter how I try to extract the records - export as merge file, csv, FM7 file, it causes the same problem.  There is a lot of text formatting, probably all originating from word, in the original file.  Even when I pass the data through Text Edit and remove all the formatting characters, I still get the same result. I did manage to manually copy and paste from the hosted file to a new file using FM 10, but any attempt to automate that with a script causes the crash (replace field, copy field, etc)