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    Problems with Layouts



      Problems with Layouts

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      Hi This problem is driving me crazy.  I have set up a number of layouts and all seem to work fine except a few of them. I have pulled the company name field into them from another table and it is supposed to show this on the new layout.  Also I am using the company IDs to link all these records.  In some of the records this seems to hold true.  The company ID pulls the name accross and shows the relationship between the two records.  However in most of them this doesn't work.  I have tried re-entering the company ID, but this doesn't help.  I even tried reloading the data to see if this helped, it only made the matter worse, now only 1 in 30 records shows the customer name. I need to get this to work and I can't figure out why it won't accept the ID on some records but not on others. Any help would be appreciated as I am likely to go potty trying to figure it out on my own! Regards

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          This does seem strange. Do you have the opportunity to upload an image of your relational diagram and link it here?

          I would suggest that you make a portal on your source table's layout and add fields to it from your destination table to see that the relationship is working.
          Also, doublecheck your relationship match fields and operators.
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            I don't know if you ever got this figured out, and it's been four days.


            I'm wondering if this new layout is showing multiple records per page.  If so, make sure the Company Name field is in the Body.  That is, make sure the top of the field is not touching the Header, or it becomes part of the header.  If so, only the first record would display the Company Name while other records would appear blank/empty.


            Make sure the Company ID field is being linked properly in your Relationships graph.


            Any additional information you can supply will help determining possible causes.



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