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    Problems with update to 12.03



      Problems with update to 12.03


      FileMaker Server


      Fm 12.0v2 update to FM 12.0v3

      Operating system version

      Mac OS 10.7.5

      Description of the issue

      FM server 12.0v2 was working well.  I got message from yourselves to update to 12.0v3 and so I tried to do so.  Well  the updates would not complete because I got the message that FMS was running and needed to turn off.  So I restarted my mac server and ran the updater again and got the same problem.  So then  I  tried to run FMS 12.0v2 but  got the message that I need to update Java 7.  Well this did not work either for some reason as I keep getting the same message that I need to have the Java Runtime Enviroment.  So now nothing works and my FMS will not run for which I am very frustrated.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Totally reproducible as stated above

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               Tom Schlageter:

               Thank you for your post.


               Below are the instructions for performing a smooth update on Mac OS X per FileMaker's Knowledge Base article 11287. The full article and steps for both Windows and Mac OS are found at the following link:


          Software Update: FileMaker Server 12.0v3 and FileMaker Server 12.0v3 Advanced


          Updater Instructions (OS X 10.6, OS X Server 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X Server 10.7, OS X 10.8, and OS X Server 10.8)

               To ensure a smooth update, disable virus detection software before running this updater, and re-enable it after you are finished.


          Before running the updater

          1.           Disconnect all clients and close all files.
          3.           In the FileMaker Server Admin Console, stop Web Publishing and the Database Server.
          5.           Quit the FileMaker Server Admin Console and the Start Page if they are running.


          Install the new software

          1.           Double-click FileMaker Server 12 v3 Update.
          3.           Read the license agreement. If you agree to the terms, click “Update”, and then proceed as directed. After the update has completed, you will see a message confirming the successful installation of the new version.
          5.           Click “Finish” to quit the updater when completed.
          7.           Open the FileMaker Server 12 Admin Console Start Page.
          9.           Under Software Update, the Current Installed Version should now read



                    FileMaker, Inc.


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                 Tom Schlageter:

                 I received your email. Thank you for the reply.


                 The FileMaker Server process is running and cannot be updated while running. If you restart a FileMaker Server, the processes will start automatically upon startup unless otherwise specified in the FileMaker Server Admin Console. I'm attaching a screenshot below displaying this preference. 


                 FileMaker Server will need to be quit before updating. 


                 1. To quit FileMaker Server go into the FileMaker Admin Console disconnect all clients and close all files. 

                 2. Stop the Web Publishing (if used) and the Database Server by clicking the corresponding stop buttons at the top left of the Admin Console. 

                 3. Quit the Admin Console and the Start Page if still open.  

                 4. Lastly, double-click the FileMaker Server 12.0v3 updater.  


                 Let me know if the same error persists and we will discuss further troubleshooting. 


                 Some additional resources that might be of use:


                 KB11245 Important infomation about FileMaker Server and Java 7 on Mac OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion

                 KB11251 FileMaker Server Admin Console fails to run on Mac OS X (10.7) and Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) after Java 2012-006 update



                 FileMaker, Inc.