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Problems with update to 12.03

Question asked by TomSchlageter on Dec 1, 2012
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Problems with update to 12.03


FileMaker Server


Fm 12.0v2 update to FM 12.0v3

Operating system version

Mac OS 10.7.5

Description of the issue

FM server 12.0v2 was working well.  I got message from yourselves to update to 12.0v3 and so I tried to do so.  Well  the updates would not complete because I got the message that FMS was running and needed to turn off.  So I restarted my mac server and ran the updater again and got the same problem.  So then  I  tried to run FMS 12.0v2 but  got the message that I need to update Java 7.  Well this did not work either for some reason as I keep getting the same message that I need to have the Java Runtime Enviroment.  So now nothing works and my FMS will not run for which I am very frustrated.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Totally reproducible as stated above