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Processor Use Limited

Question asked by AlbertHinds on Apr 16, 2011
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Processor Use Limited


FileMaker Pro


Filemaker Pro Advanced 11

Operating system version


Description of the issue

I am using Filemaker on a iMac 2010 with Quad Core i7 processors. FileMaker seems to limit its processor use to 100% of one core less any processor activity from other applications.

It doesn't appear to take advantage of a multi-core/mu;it-processor environment.

Any hope for a 64Bit version?

Steps to reproduce the problem

When nothing else is running it uses 100% v. 400% of the processors avail. As soon as something else runs in throttles back so the total is 100%.

Expected result

Just info, next version will fix this I hope.

Configuration information

2010 iMac Quad Core it processor.


Don't run anything else, or limit use of any other programs.