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program crashes when printing from page other than page one

Question asked by brendam on Oct 22, 2009
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program crashes when printing from page other than page one

Description of the issue

I have two work stations and upgraded both to Filemaker Pro 9.0 last summer from version 7.1 and am experiencing problems with the program crashing when printing a job that needs to begin somewhere other than from page one. I downloaded the patch for 9.0v2 that indicated this would fix the problem, but the problem persists. I have tried to print from both work stations, both of which use an HP LaserJet 6MP (old but still working and no newer printer available) as well as our networked photocopier, but the program still crashes regardless. Periodically, I have a long run to print and would prefer to do it in segments in order to catch any problems during the process. Unfortunately, I have to print the entire job at once or not at all because it crashes every time I try to begin the print job if not on page 1. After reviewing other posts from a user with a similar problem, it looks as though the 9.0v3 upgrade doesn't resolve the problem either, so I am reluctant to download something else unless its success is more likely.