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Progressive Backup - Save button does not work

Question asked by danshockley on Aug 15, 2014
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Progressive Backup - Save button does not work


FileMaker Server


Operating system version

Mac OS X 10.8.5

Description of the issue

I attempt to enable Progressive Backups. I enter 15 for the interval (or leave it at the default 5). I enter a known-valid backup path (tested it with the schedule interface) that is neither a sub-folder nor a parent folder of any other backup or of the hosted files. It is on a different, local hard disk to which scheduled backups run properly without error.

When I enter that path, there is no message saying that either the path is valid or it isn't. Clicking the Validate button does nothing. Clicking the Save button does nothing. If I try to leave the "Database Server" section of the interface, I am told I "have unsaved changes" and must "save or revert before continuing." Save still does nothing - no error message, no successful save. If I then uncheck the Enable Progressive Backups button, I still cannot leave the interface as I have "unsaved changes." I can only escape by clicking Revert, leaving Progressive Backups off.

I'd like to use progressive backup, but can't turn it on.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Enable Progressive Backups.
Enter a save interval.
Enter a valid path.
Click Validate and/or Save.

Expected result

The path validates (or says it failed to). The interface saves the new settings.

Actual result

Nothing happens at all.


None found.