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    Progressive maybe backup locking file



      Progressive maybe backup locking file


      FileMaker Server


      FMS 13v2

      Operating system version

      Mac OS X 10.9.3

      Description of the issue

      Fom time to time (backup time), server sends me 8003.2 errors about a file (mostly, but not always the same) that can't be paused due to a locking conflict with another user.

      If i disconnect all users but one, so only 1 user remaining, the problem is still here, but this makes no sense as there's only 1 user.

      That means incomplete backups, and scripts on halt due to that (without reason as there's no other user using it)

      Then I close all the database, and try to re-open them. The offending file can't be opened but FMS because it complains that the file is already opened by another application.

      2014-06-21 03:33:29.643 +0200     Erreur     38     FMPServer.local     Impossible d'ouvrir la base de données "Nom et Decomp" ; déjà ouverte par une autre application.

      So I deleted that file with server admin.  So server put it in Removed_by_FMS folder. I try to recover it from there, I get file is busy dialog.

      So I decided to check who was using the file

      Last login: Fri Jun 20 18:21:26 on ttys000
      fmpserver:~ forvince$ lsof | grep 'Nom et Decomp'
      Finder      709 forvince    8r     REG                1,8  40157184    5450 /Volumes/SpeedDisk/Databases/Removed_by_FMS/Removed/Nom et Decomp.fmp12
      fmpserver:~ forvince$ lsof | grep 'Nom et Decomp'
      fmpserver:~ forvince$ lsof /Volumes/SpeedDisk/Databases/Removed_by_FMS/Removed/Nom\ et\ Decomp.fmp12
      fmpserver:~ forvince$ sudo lsof | grep 'Nom et Decomp'
      fmserverd   715        fmserver   45u      REG               1,10      65536 1344356 /Volumes/Hourly/Progressive/Removed_by_FMS/Nom et Decomp2600370705_17742.fxl
      fmserverd   715        fmserver   58u      REG               1,10        176 1348636 /Volumes/Hourly/Progressive/Changes_FMS/Interval_63538912069430515/Nom et Decomp2597512777_21745.fxl
      fmserverd   715        fmserver  181u      REG                1,8   40157184    5450 /Volumes/SpeedDisk/Databases/Removed_by_FMS/Removed/Nom et Decomp.fmp12
      fmserverd   715        fmserver  371u      REG                1,8   29671424    5623 /Volumes/SpeedDisk/Databases/Nom et Decomp.fmp12

      so apparently
      fmserverd   715        fmserver  181u 
      is using it.

      That lead me to think that progressive backup may be the problem.

      So I disabled progressive backup, and then I could recover the file that showed no damage whatsoever

      My opinion is that, in some circumstances, progressive backups looks to fmserved as another application using the file, as If a user would try to open it directly with FMP
      So the file is considered locked, and it hangs all the scripts and prevent backups

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I've backup sets every 10 minutes (00h00,00h10,00h20…), typically one backup takes less than 1 minutes.
      I've (had) progressive backup every 5 minutes starting at 2 minutes, and then 7, 12, 17 …

      I've maybe 10 connected but idle user (all committed, not all using the offending database file).
      One server side script is running. And one FMP Bot script is running.
      BUT, no script complains about locking, although they're stopped (baregraph  not progressing at all).
      I know about normal locking, my script would complain but here they do not

      Expected result

      No error message, backup going smoothly. Script continuing to run

      Actual result

      Scripts are hanged (not stopped, not quit, just hanged/frozen)
      Backup doesn't go thru, sends error message
      Can't open the file after closing to in admin

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      2014-06-21 03:12:35.213 +0200     Erreur     66     FMPServer.local     Impossible de mettre la base de données "Nom et Decomp" en pause en raison d'un ou de plusieurs conflits de verrouillage avec 1 utilisateur(s) de base de données : majweb (soleil)

      2014-06-21 03:17:49.720 +0200     Erreur     729     FMPServer.local     Abandon sauvegarde par utilisateur ou suite à une erreur ; des fichiers incomplets sont peut-être dans destination. (8003)

      and trying to reopen

      2014-06-21 03:33:29.643 +0200     Erreur     38     FMPServer.local     Impossible d'ouvrir la base de données "Nom et Decomp" ; déjà ouverte par une autre application.


      Maybe disabling Progressive backup. Just did it, so no idea it would work

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               Vincent L:

               Thank you for your post.

               If you look in the event.log file, do you notice if the previous backup started AND completed?  I know the backup typically takes less than one minute, but could it overlap with one of the progressive backups?  For example, if you changed the progressive backup to start at 3 minutes (and then 8, 13, etc.), do you notice if the issue still occurs, or if it occurs less often?

               I know the issue occurred with only one user, but do you know what occurred with any user just prior? 

               Any other information you can provide may be helpful in narrowing down possible causes.

               FileMaker, Inc.