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Question to Modman

Question asked by patrick.risch on May 8, 2009
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Question to Modman

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Hi Modman I am curious.Is it worthwhile to report problems we experience with older FileMaker versions?I mean they are not being supported anymore and I am assume that Filemaker Inc. will not fix any problems with them, or? This forum becomes to clustered with bug reports for old versions. Shouldn't we focus on improving FileMaker 10?Problems with old versions should be reported in the forum "Using FileMaker", should it not? Maybe create a sub-forum for each version in the "Using FileMaker" like:- Using FileMaker Version pre 7- Using FileMaker Version 8 thru 9- Using FileMaker Version 10 This way it will much be easier to keep track of real issues with the current versions. Cheers Patrick