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    Quicktime cannot pause within a loop



      Quicktime cannot pause within a loop


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      MAC OSX

      Description of the issue

      I have a container field which contains a quicktime movie clip.  I created a loop to play a sequence of clips one after the other.  When playing within the loop:
      a) when it goes to the next record, the other text fields do not flip to the next record
      b) you cannot view the quicktime bar (where you can see the playing ball)
      c) you cannot pause the movie

      please help!

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          Instead of a loop, You may want to set up a layout where the user clicks a "next" button that then changes to the next record and plays the next quick time movie. If you set this up with a find that finds all the reocrds with your clips and then plays them in order, this should work for you much like your loop does, but you should also be able to work the movie controls.

          This next button's script can detect when you are already on the last record and then return the user to whatever mode and layout you want for them after they've watched the last movie clip.