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    Random password assigned



      Random password assigned


      FileMaker Pro


      13.03 (SSL approved)

      Operating system version

      Mac OS 10.9.5

      Description of the issue

      OK, here's a good one.  I have a contact database that was upgraded from 11 to 13.  Simple flat file database that I also made into a Filemaker Go database I could access from my iPhone.  I was adding some data to it today and got a enter User Name and Password dialogue window.  I've never password protected this file.  What gives?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Original file was in Filemaker Pro Advanced 11.  Upgraded to 13.03

      Expected result

      Somehow there's now a password associated with this file.  I cannot open it.

      Actual result

      No dice.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      No error message just a repeat of entering the username and password to open the file.

      Configuration information

      Upgrade from 11 to 13 with a upgrade on my iPhone to Filemaker Pro Go


      None.  Very frustrating .

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          Try using Admin as the account name and leave the password box empty. If that opens the file, go to File Options and reset the option to automatically log in using Admin and no password.

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            pkeenan -

            Thank you for your message.

            Piggybacking on what PhilModJunk (thanks Phil) said - all FileMaker Pro files are password protected.  When you create a new FileMaker Pro file, it is automatically assigned an account name of "Admin" with no password and the Auto Login feature enabled.  If that Auto Login feature is (accidentally) disabled, you will be prompted for to enter in an account name and password.  Many are surprised by this since they have never assigned an account name or password to their file before when in reality it is simply asking for the default account name and password.

            If the default account name and password do not allow you into the file, then other security has been added to your solution by you or someone else.

            FileMaker, Inc

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              There have been a few isolated and unconfirmed reports that a file mysteriously "lost" this File Options setting....

              And Mac users sometimes get caught by surprise when they did not know that their "keychain" app was supplying the needed account and password to open a file and then this log in dialog pops up for the first time after the user changes to a different computer, they upgrade to a new FileMaker version or something happens to their keychain settings. I don't think that this is the issue here due to your reference to being able to previously open it on an iOS device.

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                Thank you both Phil and TS_Shark.  I had previously looked on the forum prior to giving the shout out and did indeed try the Admin procedure.  Unfortunately that did not work.  I do think it's interesting that though that Phil brings up the new computer theory because that did indeed happen.  The file I created was on the old computer which of course has since been wiped but I have a Super Duper version of it on a hard drive.  I will try booting off of that hard drive, find the file and see if it will open.  Stay tuned and thanks for looking out for me!

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                  What I described is an alternate possible explanation to why you might need to enter admin with no password to open the file. It will not explain your situation.

                  The "keychain" scenario doesn't explain how you were able to open this on you iPhone.

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                    Well, after a lot of "tests", I still cannot open this file.  I made the mistake of saying that I could access the same file via Filemaker GO on my iPhone, alas, that was version 11 which had no password and which had been updated both with the new version (13) and more data.  I still cannot fathom how a password was assigned to this file.  I am baffled and truthfully not looking forward to manually updating this data.  Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome.

                    BTW, I have tried the Admin suggestion without a password along with avery other username password configuration I have used in the past.