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Re-login step breaks Go to Object step

Question asked by hedrich on Oct 9, 2009
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Re-login step breaks Go to Object step


FileMaker Pro Advanced 10

Operating system version

Mac 10.4.1 and Windows XP SP3

Description of the issue

I have a layout with a tab control on it. There is a re-login script run as a subscript. It is supposed to return to the selected tab object when finished, but the re-login step appears to break the Go to Object step.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Would be better to send you my simple demo file with 3 test cases outlined on the layout. Is there somewhere I can send the demo file?
Here are the basic steps:
Create a new empty file.
Activate the admin account and give it a password.
Create a global field for account name and password (to be used in the re-login script).
Create a layout with a two-tab tab panel.
Make the first tab the default tab.
Name both tabs (e.g., "Default" and "Desired") in the Object Info window.
Create a re-login script that uses looping script with a Dialog to prompt user to re-enter their credentials into the global fields.
The script should include a Re-login step that grabs the data from the globals.
Exit loop if Get (LastError) = 0
At end of script add a Go To Object ["Desired"] step.

Expected result

The script should place focus on the "Desired" object as specified in Go to Object.

Actual result

The focus is on the "Default" object.

Configuration information

Does not occur if script debugger is running
Does not occur on FMP/A 9
Does not occur if a 0-second pause follows the Re-login step


Running the Re-login sequence in an off-screen window and then killing the window is an acceptable work-around. Although the 0-second pause works, it causes a redraw of the screen with the default tab in focus before it moves on and this would likely not be acceptable with a layout of any complexity.