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    Record Insertion



      Record Insertion


      FileMaker Pro



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      iOS 5

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      I am having 4 tables i.e. Subjects, Group, Students and Marks.  The subject table has one row for every subject (around 20 rows), the Group table has the details of groups and 5 subjects will assign to every group, the Student table will have the details of students. Every student has to be assigned to a group, while assigning the Group to a Student, automatically a scrip has to insert 5 rows in the Marks table according to the group assigned with the respective subjectsid and studentid has the primary key.

      Please help me to code the Marks row insert script.

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          Saravanan Shankar:

          Thank you for your post.

          When you assign a Group to a Student, the five subjects will already be assigned to that student.  You can then loop through the subjects to add a record to the Marks table, since that will include the SubjectsID and StudentID.

          It may be easier if you let us know what you have tried thus far, and where it is failing.

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