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Record updated in GO does not update on server

Question asked by kmtenor on Jun 16, 2014
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Record updated in GO does not update on server


FileMaker Go


Go 13.0.4

Operating system version

iOS 7.1.1

Description of the issue

Occasionally, and without any indication of a failure, when viewing a solution in GO hosted on Filemaker Server connected to the company WAN, when a record is updated in GO, that record will not properly be updated on the server.  When the record is committed on the device (all testing done on an iPhone), the device will report the record as changed, but the server copy remains as it was before.  The device will show the expected change to the record even after the layout containing the changed field has been exited and re-entered.

Have also seen this problem when adding records.  Record is added and committed on device, but is not added to the server.

All tests have been performed with locking contentions in mind.  There does not seem to be a correlation between having the record open on the desktop versus not - the record update fails very silently.

The only way to correct the problem is to force-quit GO on the device, which causes all record changes to be lost.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Unknown.  It may have something to do with how long GO is running on the device.  As with most users, it is not my normal practice to force-quit running applications in iOS as soon as I am done with them.

When the application is malfunctioning, a record is viewed on the device, and any modifiable field is changed.  For instance, change the "title" field from "abc" to "123" and commit the record.

Expected result

"title" field should be "123" on both device and desktop connected to the same database within seconds of change on device.

Actual result

The device reports the record having been changed to "123", but the same record viewed on a desktop connected to the same database reports the field as "abc".

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

Server is 13.0v1.  Tested desktop version is 13.0 v1.


none.  Can't tell when it is going to or has failed.