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Records being dropped when exporting

Question asked by pcadv on Jun 5, 2009
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Records being dropped when exporting

Description of the issue

FileMaker Products Involved:FileMaker Pro 9.0v3, FileMaker Pro Advanced 10.0v1, FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced Server, FileMaker Pro 10.0v1 client  Operating Systems involved:Mac 10.5.7Mac 10.5.6  Detailed description of the issue:Generating a report containing 4 fields (Year, County, Date, Comments). The Year is in the Header, the County is in a Sub-Summary part when sorted by Count field, The Date and the Comments are in the body. The records are sorted in Descending order, first by County then by Date. To generate the report you search the Year field for a Year. Then sort the records by County and Date. When you Preview the report all is as should be (106 records in the found set).  The next step in the process is to export the records to a Merge format for input into a MS Word document. Comparing the reports though shows that in Counties that had two records on the same Date displayed on the first record. A check of the .mer document also lacks the second record for same Date per County.  Attempts to export in csv, tab-delimited, FileMaker produces the same results. (106 records in the found set but 104 records are being exported.  During the export the County and the Date fields are checked for Group By. If you deselect the Date then the records are not in the proper order and there are still only 104 records exported, not 106). Same problem if you deselect County in the Group By area. Output file character set is Macintosh and the Apply current layout's data formatting to exported data is checked. I also tried deselecting the Apply current layout's data formatting to exported data, but then the dates do not display in the required format. And this does not impact the number of records exported either.   Expected result:I expect to have all records exported that are part of the found set. Actual result:Of 106 records found and reported properly in FileMaker, only 104 records are exported. Error messages:None. Only way i could determine the number of records actually exported was when I exported in FileMaker format. Additional information:None Workarounds:User must find the records in FileMaker and either Copy/Paste fields into the newly merged Word document or type the data into the Word document.