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Rectangles/Rounded Rectangles not preserving object style when viewed in 12.

Question asked by fmweetbicks on Apr 30, 2014
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Rectangles/Rounded Rectangles not preserving object style when viewed in 12.


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mavericks 10.9

Description of the issue

I am working on turning a solution into using a theme & styles.  Short-term the solution is being viewed over Citrix running FileMaker 12.  Everything looks great on the layout EXCEPT rectangles & rounded rectangles, that always have a solid 1pt black border on them no matter what the style is setup as.

now I understand custom themes & styles are not in 12, and your answer is likely to be "this is not supported" but I fail to see why given it 99% works except this one single thing which kind of is a showstopper from a visual standpoint.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1.  Theme in FM13 with a rectangle style,  maybe a fill colour, no border/line.
2.  Save style & theme
3. Open in 12,  rectangles & rounded rectangles have a solid 1pt black border.

Expected result

look same in 12 as 13,  it almost all does except this one bit

Actual result

solid 1pt black border on rectangles & rounded rectangles.

Also if an object added as a "rounded rectangle" with its rounding option set to 0,  then this is not preserved in 12.


If the rectangle is added in FM13 and NOT saved as a style with the theme,  or is left in an unsaved state,  then this DOES work when viewing in 12.  it is only once it is saved does it give the border line.   Not saving them is not a workaround because it defeats the entire purpose of using styles & themes.

I suppose I could also try making rectangles using an inactive button, or a text label, but again that is a hack.