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Redraw error when scrolling in edit mode in FMP11

Question asked by chcsep on May 14, 2010
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Redraw error when scrolling in edit mode in FMP11

Description of the issue

I recently upgraded from FMP8 to FMP11 (11.0v1), on OS X 10.5.8. On one of my databases, I get a scrolling error in edit mode. (I can't reproduce the error in my other databases, except those based on the one with the problem - TSGal, the one I e-mailed you is NOT affected). I'm using a basic Logitech USB two-button mouse with clickable scroll wheel and USB cable The database table is called "May 04", so presumably it was created in a version of FMP earlier than 8. I've got screenshots, but I don't know how or if it's possible to attach them here. When I scroll down in layout mode on any layout:1.  It doesn't scroll on every 'click' of the scroll wheel, only intermittently.2.  When it does register a scroll click:2a. The content becomes fuzzy2b. For each click, the content (including any grey space below the layout) moves one pixel to the right, adding a column of black pixels along the left edge of the layout, except for the portion of the layout that becomes visible through scrolling. Then, after scrolling down a bit, when I scroll back up:3. The portion that is revealed by scrolling appears at the top, and is repeated for the entire vertical height of the layout, again moved right one pixel with each iteration. Description of DB:- Was likely created in 2004, not sure what version we were using at the time (we've used most versions from 1.0 to 8 inclusive)- One data table- 24 layouts (including folders)- This doesn't happen in view form or view table- 67 fields, including text, number, date, calculation, and container types Any help, or suggestions on narrowing down the problem, is much appreciated!