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Referenced Illustrator Image Files no longer viewable in FM12 containers

Question asked by wendy_1 on Jan 29, 2013


Referenced Illustrator Image Files no longer viewable in FM12 containers


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS 10.6.8

Description of the issue

In Filemaker 11, Illustrator AI images imported into a container field as references view correctly. In Filemaker 12, these images only show a software icon.

Steps to reproduce the problem

- In Filemaker 11, create a simple image catalog with three fields:  IMAGE, IMAGE THUMBNAIL, and FILENAME.
- Create a folder of several Illustrator .AI images (we're using CS5). (Images should be saved with the "Create PDF Compatible File" checked.
- In Filemaker 11, File>Import Records>Folder. Specify the folder. File Type is "Picture and movie files". Check the box "Import only a reference to each picture file. Continue with import, mapping fields appropriately.
- Both the IMAGE and the IMAGE THUMBNAIL containers should show the art.
- EITHER:  1) Create the same database in FM12 and import the same images, OR 2) Convert the database to FM12.
- The IMAGE THUMBNAIL field will look fine. But the IMAGE field will no longer display the artwork

Expected result

In Filemaker 12, both the IMAGE field and the IMAGE THUMBNAIL field should display the artwork, just as in Filemaker 11.

Actual result

In Filemaker 12, while the IMAGE THUMBNAIL field looks fine, the IMAGE field displays a software icon with the image name and extension. There is no viewable artwork.

We have a catalog of AI images that no longer works.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

There is no error message.

Configuration information

Note:  Native Adobe Photoshop image files still view correctly. It is only Native Adobe Illustrator image files that have stopped working.
Note:  We are using Macs that have the Adobe CS5 suite available.


We have found no workaround to the problem with referenced AI files, including alternative settings in Illustrator when saving the image files.