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related records

Question asked by LarsGrieten on Jan 15, 2013
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related records


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fmp 12 advanced

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win XP

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Hi, Filemaker noob over here... I am working in the medical field and I'm building a database for scientific studies and I have a question regarding scripting.

Currently I have a patient in patients table with a unique ID.

Patients ==> examinations ==> ECG, SPIRO, BLOOD, ....

Every patient has a unique ID, and upon visit the patient has an examination. So creating a new record in examination will generate a unique KEY. To couple this ID to the examinations the script currently copies the Unique patient Key, goes to the ID field in examinations and the script pastes this in the according field.

The same for the examinations. upon each visit the patient has several examinations. so for each test he takes (ECG, Spiro, blood, etc...) the unique number of the examination is copied and pasted in the table of examinations to relate this back to the same patient.

It works fine untill now!
However this does not feel koosjer, Is there a more professional way to populate this field to create these relations?

Thanks a lot in advance!