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    Relationship Creation Problem using odbc



      Relationship Creation Problem using odbc


      FileMaker Pro


      filemaker pro11

      Operating system version

      Mac Os X 10.6

      Description of the issue

      Hi Guys!

      I have facing some problem with FilwMaker pro 11, and i m using FM ODBC driver.

      1) First one i want to Clarify that relationship in FileMaker pro is same as Apply "Foregin Key" Concepts on database?

      2) Second is i want to apply Relationship in Filemaker database.
      for this i m doing following:

      i create connection with existing FM database table & create a table Customer in this database using query

      Eg: CREATE TABLE Customers (P_Id int Not Null primary key, Order_Name varchar)

      This is going fine a table Customer is created.

      Now i m Fire the following query to create Relationship then this is showing error:

      CREATE TABLE Orders(O_Id int NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,Order_No int NOT NULL,P_Id int,FOREIGN KEY (P_Id) REFERENCES Customers (P_Id))

      Whats going on with this?
      i m not understanding this.

      Either FM ODBC driver 11.0.81 have no support for these types of SQL queries or i m going with wrong syntax.

      or any other method for do this or can i use Scripts to create the relation Manually or programatically (i have no idea about this i m just giving idea)

      pls help me on this.

      Have a nice day to you.

      Expected result

      pls give me correct sytex or any other method  how i  create relation between two tables in filemaker using sql query or any other method

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      syntax error