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Relationship diagram scroll bar missing

Question asked by donb on Jan 30, 2015
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Relationship diagram scroll bar missing


FileMaker Pro


FileMaker 13.4

Operating system version

Windows 2010

Description of the issue

I recently up graded both FM and FM Advanced from version 13 to 13.4, Immediately upon installing the update I lost my scroll bars in the relationship diagram screen. I first thought there was something wrong with my PC but later, I updated another PC. The same thing occurred.

The only way I can get the scroll bars to appear is to change my display to 100%.  I need at a minimum 125% display size.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Upgrade to 13.4

Expected result

Relationship screen scroll bars.

Actual result

No relationship screen scroll bars

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

Windows 2010 current version


Reduce monitor to 100% display