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Relationship Graph elements disappear beneath certain height

Question asked by fmweetbicks on Aug 29, 2010
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Relationship Graph elements disappear beneath certain height


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

mac OS X 10.5.8

Description of the issue

Beneath a certain height on the relationship graph, comment boxes lose their comments (visibly), and table occurrences entirely disappear but the relationships remain - again visibly.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Put a text comment box or table occurrence on the graph and drag it down until weird stuff happens.  You may have to go down quite a way.

Expected result

Text comment boxes the actual text disappears leaving just a visually blank box.  Table occurrences entirely disappear, but the relationships between them remain.

Actual result

Given that you can drag stuff to that depth I see no reason why they shouldn't work.  If you want to stop people going lower, put a restriction on it like with layouts.


I have had to move my table occurrence groups into a second column on the graph which I do not find ideal,  I much more prefer to have a single vertical column.

It should be noted I develop large solutions that use Anchor-Buoy method of structuring the database, as a result, I have many table occurrence groups that go down in a vertical column on the graph (I avoid the spider method being the mess it is).

However I've hit the depth and so am having to move table occurrence groups elsewhere on the graph.

I should also note that this has been an issue since FileMaker 9 and I have posted it to the ETS program for every version since but nobody seems to want to admit to it or fix it.   The issue of table occurrences disappearing entirely is new to 11,  before that they were still there - it was just the comment boxes that were missing their text.