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Relationships not maintained during export

Question asked by AlastairMcInnes on Mar 14, 2013


Relationships not maintained during export


FileMaker Pro


11 Advanced

Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

I have three related tables:

Titles, which holds information about books,
Contributors, which holds information about people,
Contributions which acts as a link table between the first two.

The TitleID field of the Titles record and the Contributor ID field of the Contributors record are held in each record of the Contributions table.

A book may have many contributors and a person may contribute to many books, hence the need for a link table. Also in the Contributions table is a field describing the nature of the contribution - editor, translator or author.

When I export records from a layout based on the Titles table, it finds and exports the correct set of contributions but does not maintain the relationship between the contribution and the contributor table so that the people's names and their roles are randomised.

When displayed on a portal, the people and their roles are displayed in the correct order.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I have created a small sample database with this error in it:

Open the database and export all records from the BrowseTitles layout. Export all fields.

Expected result

I would expect to see the contributors output in the same order as the contribution record they're related to so that the right person ends up next to the right role. This is pretty fundamental.

Actual result

What I find is that Book Title One outputs the correct set of roles and people but that two of the people have been swapped with respect to their roles. Book Title Two exports correctly.

Configuration information

I've attached bits of two screen shots - one of the portal displaying the correct order of people and contributions and the other showing the exported data in Excel.


I have, in the contributions table of my live database created a calculated field which is made up of the role field from the contributions concatenated with the name fields from the contributor. By exporting this field instead the correct order is maintained, but the file requires further processing to "unpack" the concatenated fields.