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    Remote access with FM v9 not working with OSX 10.6.1



      Remote access with FM v9 not working with OSX 10.6.1

      Description of the issue

      Trying to access my school database (FM9) from home which I have always been able to do, (and can still do with my much older Mac.)  I now cannot do this with my new Mac with OS X.6.1. I can't use the "button" our developer created for remote access, but it still works with older OS. I also know how to manually connect using remote access, but can't make this happen on my new mac.  I have the correct IP address and file name. 

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          Thank you for your post.


          Are you using FileMaker Pro 9.0v3 on both machines?  Are you using FileMaker Pro 10 on one of the machines?  Are you running Mac OS X 10.6.1 (or 10.6.2) on both machines?  Was Snow Leopard pre-installed?  Or, was Snow Leopard installed over Leopard?


          With Open Remote, are you able to see the machine but not the files?  Or, are you not able to see the machine?


          Any additional information you can provide may help us narrow down the possible causes, and provide us some ways to test this out.



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            Thanks for your response.


            I am using FM Pro 9.0 v3 on both machines.  We do not own FM 10.  Snow Leopard was pre-installed on both machines which I purchased at an Apple Store.


            Normally (I mean on the Mac's that do connect via remote access) I can see our FM Server and IP address in the hosts window, but I can't see the files.  On my new Mac, I cannot see anything in the hosts window.  I have tried adding the server with IP address, but when I tried that, the computer said it couldn't find the files named.


            The "button" given us by our developer gives us the option of connecting with either an internal or external IP address so we can connect from home over the internet, or from school through our network.


            I origianlly asked the developer for help on this, and they have no idea what the problem is.  They are working from OS 10.5.


            This is a big concern for our school, since we just upgraded our custom database to FM Pro 9 a year ago, and eventually, we will be purchasing Mac's with 10.6.1 and higher.  We really shouldn't have to purchase an upgrade on Filemaker just to keep our computers connected to our FM Server.  We are a very small school (45 students max in a good economy) so our database needs are modest and don't change much.