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    Remote Crashing Of Relatively Complicated Script



      Remote Crashing Of Relatively Complicated Script


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      Filemaker 12 crashes when running involved scripts from a remote computer.
      When I run the same script on a non-remote computer, Filemaker does not crash.

      Filemaker 11 runs these scripts just fine from either the local or remote computer

      I would post a description of the script steps, but the scripts that are crashing are not straightforward.

      This problem is not limited to a single script, but involves scripts which are rather complicated.

      Most of my 100 or so other scripts work just fine....

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Run a complicated script from a remote computer that involves importation of files, loops, etc.

      Expected result

      That filemaker does not crash

      Actual result

      Filemaker Crashes

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      I get a dialogue box that says that Filemaker quite unexpectedly, Send report to Apple

      Configuration information

      I am working on 3 MAC computers: One computer hosts all the files, the other two run my point of sale and accounting programs.


      I run programs on the local computer

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          Running the programs from a remote location, I was able to determine that Filemaker 12 does not do well with

          the "import script" command.  I rewrote a script removing the import command, and the problem cleared up.


          Interesting,  while I was doing this, I openened the force quit window under the apple icon.  While Filemaker 12 was running a script, the standard message came up the Filemaker 12 was "not responding".  I waited a bit, and Fielmaker 12 started (on its own) to respond, and after repeating this procedure one more time, completed the entire script.


          Completing the script took a very long time.


          Suggest not using the import command in scripts that will be running on a non-local computer.


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            "Not responding" may not mean you are "Hung" and have to force quite--just that the application is taking an extrordinarily long time to complete a particular task. FileMaker 12 is much slower than 11 in a number of reported issues and the fact that you are accessing the file remotely makes the slower responses even more painful.