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Remote FMS9 Admin Console broken by other proxy use

Question asked by superblock on Feb 23, 2009


Remote FMS9 Admin Console broken by other proxy use

Description of the issue

FileMaker Product(s) involved: FMS9Operating System(s) involved: OSX 10.4.xDetailed description of the issue:I use ssh tunneling to reach a FMS9 server, as mentioned here.Recently it stopped working. It proved to be a clash with proxy use.Exact steps to reproduce the issue:Browse to: http://z.x.y.w: 16000Expected Result:Login promptActual ResultThe admin console cannot establish a connection to the admin serverWorkaround:Removing the proxy setup from System Preferences permits Admin Console use.Details:If you set up a proxy with Firefox or Opera; that proxying is limited to within the browser. But with Safari, the proxy function appears to be accomplished within the OS somehow -- a proxy set within Safari does not affect Firefox but does interfere with the Java applet FMS9 uses, even when you start the applet from Firefox, not Safari.Entering z.x.y.w into the proxy exclusion list does not solve the issue.The FMS9 logs do not seem to record admin console sessions at all. {Is this wise??} This makes the troubleshooting harder.