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Repeated Theme Changes Bloats File Size

Question asked by philmodjunk on Aug 10, 2012
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Repeated Theme Changes Bloats File Size


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows XP, SP3

Description of the issue

If you open a file and repeatedly select different layout themes, your file gets larger with each theme change even though you make no other changes to the file.

10 theme changes on a small, one layout, 1 field, 1 button file took the file size from 68k to 404k. Using Save a copy as/compacted produced a copy of the file with a size of 320k.

Configuration information

This report reproduces info shared at a recent DigFM meeting at FileMaker Inc. headquarters. I'm reporting it here so we can get it added to the Known Bugs List. (


If you want to experiment to see what is possible with different layout themes, either use a copy of your file that you then discard or restrict your research to the preview pane in the change Theme dialog and don't actually apply the different themes to a layout.