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Repeating Field Bugs

Question asked by RSchaub on Nov 28, 2009
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Repeating Field Bugs

Description of the issue

Using versions 9 or 10, If you have the repeating fields laod out in singular form,Meaning 1 to 1 , 2 to 2 and so on the command Go To Field [Repeating] [Rep#] Does not work. In versions 9 or below using the zippscript plugin for script triggers, and a custom functionI am able to get the highest rep number with data in it. setting a global varible to that numberI can then use Go To Field [Repeating] [$$Variable +1] This script trigger works great, always after validating the entry it will go to the next empty repunless all reps are full.... This is OK No Problem However using the same idea with FM10 and its built in script triggers (Which I think is the zippscriptbecause it disapeared of the face of the map when 10 was released) Anyway If I use the Go To  Field anda $$Varible for the rep# it throws the script into a loop and will not stop until pressing the escape button Take that old zippscript plugin and use it in 10 as I did with 9 it works.