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Repeating fields and portals

Question asked by ragtimephil on Sep 14, 2011
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Repeating fields and portals


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OX 10.7.1 Lion

Description of the issue

I have a database set up with 4 tables. It is a music related BD whereby I have Printed Sheet Music and Folios as well as a CD collection. The sheet music DB has 2 tables, Song Title and sources. The CD DB also has 2 tables CD Songs and CD Albums. How it operates is as follows. When I get a music folio, I enter it with a code and all pertinent information regard the folio. I do not list the song titles here. Once the folio is set up I enter the song titles in the Song Title table. There being many cases where there is more than one copy of a song title found in different folios, I have set up a repeating field to enter each edition of a song. IN this repeating field, when I enter the code of the folio, it returns the name of the folio and then I enter the page number where it can be found. Needless to say that the code, folio name, and page number are all repeating field. Also, when an entry of a song title is made, it simultaneously enters it into the proper folio in Source table. This information is in 2 fields in a portal that displays records from the song tiles. The fields are drawn from song titles and all works well except, that when there are multiple sources of the song and there is more than one entry in song title DB the page number in the sources portal only displays the page number in the 1st instance of the Page # field in the song title. I do the same thing with CD collection and when there is a sheet music version of a CD song, it is entered into the CD tables as well, with all the pertinent information. Except as noted above, everything else works like a charm. The proper folio and page numbers appear correctly in the CD table. I use the same fields in both portals. Only one works.

Steps to reproduce the problem

At one time I had this setup working in File Maker 3 and all the way up to version 6. It kind of fell apart when I upgraded from Version 6 to 10. On a completely different database, a point of sale data base which is a lot more complex than this it took me quite a while to change scripts relationships etc. I have tried the following: 1). change the relation ships 2). Tried using lookups instead of pulling from another file. (I do do this with other fields totally unrelated to this problem). 3). rebuilding the table. 4). Editing the external data sources and anything else I can think of. Nothing works.

Expected result

Some kind of answer to stop me from pulling out any more hairs from my rapidly diminishing supply.


None, except as noted above.