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    Repeating fields don't slide



      Repeating fields don't slide


      FileMaker Pro


      FileMaker Pro Advanced 12.0v1

      Operating system version

      Mac OS X  10.7.3

      Description of the issue

      A repeating field won't slide when set up for sliding in preview mode when setup as a single repetition, except when setup is set to show 1 to 1. In all other single repetition setups it doesn't slide. (When setup to show multiple repetitions, sliding varies depending on which repetitions to show you've chosen in the setup.)

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Create a normal text field
      Create a repeating field with 4 repetitions
      Fill the fields, including the 4 repetitions
      Create a layout with in the body the two fields, make sure the normal text field is on top and big enough to accomodate normal sliding behaviour.
      Set the repeating field to show repetition 2 to 2
      Set the repeating to sliding
      Enter preview mode
      Observe the repeating field not sliding

      Expected result

      The repeating field slided up

      Actual result

      The repeating field didn't slide up


      Use merge fields


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          Hi Christiaan Bakker:

          Thanks for submitting your post along with your straightfoward repro steps and screenshot.

          In addition to the 10.7.3 you tested, I was also able to reproduce on my 10.6.8 machine.  I'll go ahead and forward this thread along with my research to our Development and Testing department.

          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            This bug also occurs in Windows.

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                   Hello there,

                   I performed new tests about this issue with FileMaker Pro 12.0v4 on both Mac OS X 10.8.3 and Windows 7 systems and the bug seem to has been fixed.

                   Well done FMI !!!

                   Bye, Fred

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                     Oooops. I AM A DUMMY !!!

                THIS BUG IS NOT FIXED

                     So sorry and shame on me : my tests were wrong because i forgot that the bug was when object were individuals...


                     Bye, Fred

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                  The version 12 multiple repeating fields sliding issue has not been solved over the past year in any of the updates, including 12.0v4.  The version 11 behavior aligned the individual rows of multiple repeating fields that were placed side by side.  This allowed the creation of a very simple table or multiple tables for output layouts.  If the version 11 behavior can not be replicated, then try a simple insertable spread sheet with definable rows and/or columns of repeating fields.  Too many of us used this layout solution to create both a database of related records with exceptional output layouts that do not fit the sorted records list type of outputs.  For many of us, this has meant a very manual tweaking of the data every time we need to print.  What use to take moments to produce has now become an ongoing chore.  Is there any hope that this can be resolved?


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                         Thank you for the posts.


                         Testing and Development is aware this still occurs. I added the additional comments and concerns to the original report. 


                         No additional information is available at this time. 



                         FileMaker, Inc.

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                           Is there any hope?

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                             Just upgraded our workgroup to FM 12, and was (unpleasantly) surprised to discover a bug related to the sliding and resizing of repeating fields when printing.

                             I had assumed that letting FM 12 "mature" until now would have worked out the egregious bugs. Maybe repeating fields are a thing of the past and this isn't a top priority for the team, but our solution(s) still use them.

                             Is there any fix on the horizon?

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                               After some more experimentation, it appears that changing the field border on the repeating field from .25pt to 1pt (or higher) fixes the problem.

                               For some reason, FM doesn't properly calculate the sliding on fields with .25pt borders. Go figure.

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                                 Hi Don Johnson,

                                 Thank you for your post ! But on my systems, this issue still persist, even i change all parameters about field border. Are you sure of these :

                                 1 ) Using FileMaker 12

                                 2 ) The repeating fields are all separated. I mean each repetition have his own object and all object have only one repetition at a time :
                                 Object #one repeat 1 to 1
                                 Object #two repeat 2 to 2
                                 Let us know...
                                 Bye, Fred
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                                   Hi Fred,

                                   It sounds like my issue was a bit different than yours. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

                                   The part of my layout in question has 8 repeating fields, side by side (like columns), each of which is a repeating field with 150 repetitions. I only have 8 "objects" (the 8 repeating fields) in that part of the layout.

                                   With the .25pt border applied to each field, the layout part would partially collapse, but not completely. Changing the border fixes that behavior for me.

                                   Good luck!

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                                     Hi Fred,

                                     I tried Don Johnson's fix with the field borders being changed to 1 point.  It turns out my layout had 1 point field borders and the sliding fields would not align.  I did change the field borders to 0.25 and back, through several iterations, but every time the repeating fields would not align.  I am using FM12.0v4 so I would say that this does not fix the problem.


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                                       Hi Don Johnson and Brian,

                                       Thank you for the reply !

                                       The case we are dealing here is when each repetition of a field have his own object on a layout. On the inspector, data Tab, "Show repetition" option is set as : [ 1 to 1 ] and [ 2 to 2 ] and [ 3 to 3 ] etc... 

                                       In this typical case, the sliding up option of a field object doesn't work except for the first setted as [ 1 to 1 ].

                                       On the following example, you will clearly see the bug.

                                       On the left, i used one repetition for each month. This technique was amazing because it leaved a cleaner structure. But since FM12 this technique is died. broken heart

                                       On the right, same exact layout, except i used one field for each month. For the entire year, my structure and my calcs give me headaches... but since FM12, i bought Aspirin. angry

                                       Bye, Fred

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                                         This one is also fixed on FileMaker Pro 13.

                                         Bye, Fred
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