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Repeating fields not handling negative numbers

Question asked by janslort on Aug 8, 2013
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Repeating fields not handling negative numbers


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Description of the issue

I have 2 repeating fields in an invoice file with 6 repeats.  One field is called Quantity, it is a Number field, the other is called Description, it is a Text field. I import the records into a separate file I called "Counting" & chose to split the repeats into separate records. In order to get a count of items in the Description field, I created a sub-summary section to obtain sub-totals of each item , when sorted on the Description field. I import to my Counting file frequently to update matching records on the invoice number field creating new records if they don't match, This works well for positive numbers.

I have returns which I enter into the same file on separate records (of course), i. e. Quantity -1,  Item "wheels".  This works well also when I import the record into the "Counting" file. When I import again updating the matching records, I duplicates itself.  It ignores the negative items completely if they appear on repeat 2 through 6.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I created two files.  One containing the 2 repeating fields for Quantity, and the other for Description.  Then I created the "Count" file with two (non-repeating) fields and imported the records.  Same screwy result.

Expected result

I expected negative quantity items to act in the same manner as the positive quantity records when imported.  BTW looking at the "All Fields" on a layout, the negative items show correctly in the individual records repeating the negative numbers the same as the way the positive numbers do.

Actual result

Negative values in Quantity are recognized only if in the first repeat, and ignored in subsequent repeats.  The description is the one in the first repeat with no quantity shown at all.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

no error message.

Configuration information

P.C. Running Windows 7


possibly only to enter returns in the first of the repeating fields.