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Replace Field Contents will not create child records with 'Allow Creation of Records...' turned on

Question asked by mrvodka on Dec 8, 2009
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Replace Field Contents will not create child records with 'Allow Creation of Records...' turned on

Description of the issue

I wasnt sure if this has been officially reported although this issue has been known for some time.   FileMaker Product(s) involved:FileMaker Pro/Adv 9.0v3, FileMaker Pro/Adv 10.0v3 Operating System(s) involved:Windows XP SP2, SP3Detailed description of the issue:When using Replace Field Contents on a child field with ( allow creation of record  on ), it will not create the related child records. It will replace existing values if the child record exists, but it will not create the child record.Exact steps to reproduce the issue:1.  Create a table called parent with fields: "ID" ( auto-increment number field ) and "color", a text field 2.  Create a table called child with fields: "fk_ID" a number field and "color", a text field3.  Create a few recored in parent with a bunch of color entries 4.  Create relationship between the two tables based on ID and turn on option of Allow Creation of Records ..." on the child side 5.  Put the "color" field from the child table occurence on the parent layout6.  Click into the field and choose replace field contents with the source value being the "color" field of the parent.Expected Result:It should create the child records.Actual Result:You see it processing, but no child records are created. However, if there is an existing child record, it will replace the value as it should.Exact text of any error message(s) that appeared:N/AAny additional configuration information/troubleshooting that is relevant to the issue:N/AAny workarounds that you have found:Use a loop to set teh value instead of Replace Field Contents.