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Report hangs in FMPAdv 14

Question asked by mahacker on Jul 2, 2015
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Report hangs in FMPAdv 14


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(Simple) report(s) hang in FMProAdvanced 14 when they are fine with FMPro13 (normal and advanced) - they are processing against a FMPServer 13 (haven't performed upgrade yet to 14 Server).

Report does a GTRR - Show only related, match found set
Sort Records

about 3000 records.

All works quick with FMP13 but with 14 it just hangs on the Find Records step. Hah! just as I write this, it doesn't hang and just works fine (I was going to say this) - that it doesn't hang all the time. So, that's even stranger. No real network traffic, no load on server, etc. When it hangs, I often need to quit (if I can) 14 altogether, as it sometimes blanks out the "File Exit" command. I never saw this with 13.

Nothing particularly interesting in the FMServer logs. A few event 661 - authent failed (not sure why) - maybe related? and then an event 30 when I probably force quit FMPro.

Anyway, all is working perfectly as I type this - but there is this sporadic thing, which does not happen with FMPro 13 - and testing is done at the same time against same server, using same login credentials.